Knitting is like therapy. Kind of.

Awhile back I had gotten these knitting cards that specified in delicate stitches like lace and all that. I thought whoa, these are too advanced for me, because I basically knew like three stitches and gave my friends lumpy scarves as presents. Plus, I used to be a stress case and I would knit at night to zone out and decompress.

And my friends loved my lumpy stress scarves; I’m sure of it.

Anywho, I was excited about these cards and then I moved to Louisville and forgot I had them. But then about a week ago I found and LOOK WHAT I MADE!!

Vineyard Stitch Knitting

I am beyond happy with it. It’s not done yet, but when it is I will post a picture.

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2 thoughts on “Knitting is like therapy. Kind of.

  1. Love it! I’m an avid knitter myself and I’ve come to learn that knitting is two stitching: knits and purls. There may be a 100 combinations of the two, but still only two. And if you know how to do those, you can pretty much knit anything. :)

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