Thank you Miley Cyrus, for making me old

OK, so it’s not like it’s a huge secret – I don’t particularly care for Miley Cyrus. Now before all the Miley-ites start in (or whatever they are called) I’m sure she’s a nice person…? I personally don’t care for her voice.

[Plus, I think she’s annoying with her voice and her face….just in general. But I digress.]

I had heard some chatter on the radio and other media outlets about some lines in her song called “We can’t stop” (I just had to look that up to make sure that is in fact, the name of that song). One line that had some people very upset was the lyric talking about dancing with Molly.

And I’m all like, so what? She is dancing with her friend Molly at a party. I mean, what is the big deal?¬†And then someone said it was a reference to drugs and I thought that’s ridiculous. That’s like naming crack cocaine Bailey or Margaret.

So I looked it up on Google and you guys…it’s totally a reference for drugs. I mean, what? When did that happen? When did people start naming random things with people names? Am I the only one who didn’t know this and just thought that Molly was Miley’s dance friend?? So now I feel totally old. I’m the lady that has to look up 20-something slang on the internet to know that they are saying to me.

7 thoughts on “Thank you Miley Cyrus, for making me old

  1. I remember hearing about Molly. There was something on Facebook meant to incite hysteria in parents of young teenagers. I told my friends about it, and we had a huge discussion about it. It bothered me because my dog’s name is Molly, and I dislike that she shares the name of some stupid drug.

  2. I heard talk of this on a radio show the other day and had to do the same thing. Let’s be old together on this one. (I still refuse to watch Golden Girls with Jess though.)

  3. I had no idea who or what Molly is either. This reminds me of a similar incident I went through when Britney Spears came out with If U Seek Amy. Had no idea what I was obliviously bee-boppin’ to (as my grandmother would say, which only seems appropriate because this post also makes me feel old.)

  4. I was texting a new friend last night and she texted back “HMU”- I was clueless. Urban dictionary explained it meant “Hit me up,” but I officially feel old now.

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